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Remember that “similar” / “similar” tab that we noticed in our gingerbread video from google software catalog? It seems that you will need to wait for android 2.3 in order to get acquainted with the advantages of the phenomenon that el goog finds out which similar applications a site visitor may like as soon as you download them. This morning, waves of android supporters discovered a new page on your market, and droid 2 and nexus one saw an update here at engadget headquarters. Yes, it turns out to be no less than the equivalent of an upstore, but it also remains to be seen how accurate this advice is. When viewing the “linked” for (also recently updated) in the engadget program, we look for maps that our confectioners would choose to see in the registry first at least on the page or so below, but our site knows for sure that mix-and find engineers in mountain view are already setting things up while our employees we're talking. You're aware, in those brief moments when they're not prepared for the huge chrome show on tuesday.[ Thanks to anyone who sent the listed in]%gallery-109230% · Last modified: 2022/05/18 23:02 by